About Us

With extensive experience in research, development, and project support in the financial sector, our team's primary goal is to provide universal access to the best financial investments.

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The JOIN Team

Our team is a rich fusion of varied backgrounds and expertise, uniting to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

  • Valentin Sarre

    CEO & CTO

  • Alex Segalini


  • Pierre Maliczak

    Head of Financial

  • Arthur Thiry

    Head of Communications

  • Edgars Kuks

    Head of Retail

  • Ava Bielowski

    Community Lead

  • Svetlana Tsoy

    Creative Director

  • And many other contributors

At JOIN, we are fully committed to providing a secure and user-friendly environment that empowers you with complete control over your funds and enhances your investment experience.

JOIN like-minded people

We believe in transparent and direct communication between the community and the team. We are here to chat with anyone and share our expertise.

Let's shape the future of decentralized finance together. JOIN us!

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