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Your Ultimate digital assets Platform

We democratize the self-custodial management of cryptoassets with innovative tools and blockchain-powered solutions ensuring a secure and effortless access to the best of digital asset for everyone, powered by MPC and Account Abstraction technologies.

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The most secure and user-friendly crypto super app offering seamless top-up and cash-out, easy investments, multi-chain transactions, optimized yields, market tracking, hassle-free gas fees management, a personal IBAN, and more.

Coming on August 2024

  • Buy, sell, and receive cryptoassets easily

  • Multi-chain transactions

  • Seamless on/off ramp (€, £ and ₹)

  • Easy tracking of the latest crypto trends

  • No complex gas fees management

  • Self-custodial and compliant

  • Optimal security architecture

  • 10,000+ cryptoassets available

  • Best optimized yields

  • Personal IBAN

  • Gamified app: unlock rewards

  • No seed-phrase

  • Always recoverable

  • Low fees



Secure and scalable white-labeled digital asset wallet infrastructure via our Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) API, offering flexible options for businesses and institutions of any size to efficiently and compliantly manage cryptoassets.

Coming on November 2024

  • Store, transfer, buy, and swap digital assets

  • One-tap access to DeFi benefits

  • Legally-backed digital assets

  • 20x faster than building a wallet in-house

  • Gas-abstraction

  • Self-custodial and compliant

  • No seed phrase

  • Simplified global transactions

  • Loyalty programs, reward points and incentives

  • Seamless on/off ramp (€, £ and ₹)

  • Customizable interface tailored to your brand

  • Optimal security architecture

  • Always recoverable

  • Blockchain-agnostic



Tailored solutions for streamlined digital assets management with personalized service. Calibrated for easy institutional DeFi access. Focus on value creation for investors.

Coming on December 2024

  • Customizable DeFi strategies

  • Regulated fund structure setup

  • Independent dashboard

  • Unregulated fund structure setup