Next-Gen Modular Digital Asset Storage

Fully compliant self-custody wallet solution, integrated with open banking

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More Than Just a
Self-Custodial Wallet

We are committed to making digital assets accessible to everyone.

Our focus on security, compliance, and user experience is prioritized through advanced technologies like MPC and Account Abstraction.

1. Borderless Compliance

Fully compliant with upcoming digital asset regulations, and accessible worldwide.

Regulatory sandbox licensing from day 1.

Limited regulatory scope with self-custody model. JOIN never holds, transfers or has access to customer funds.

Borderless data compliance through anonymized wallet identity white-labeling.

2. Fee Flexibility

Smart Gas improves drop-out rates by allowing users to pay for transaction fees in any currency (regardless of blockchain).

Pay Master provides vendors with the option of covering transaction fees on behalf of their users. This can be part of a subscription-based model, or as a loss-leader to encourage platform adoption.

3. Highest Security

Leading-edge MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology delivers the highest possible security standards.

Traditional seed phrases present the risk of a single point of failure. MPC addresses this by distributing key management across multiple parties.

Distributed cryptography offers enhanced resilience against potential future quantum breakthroughs.

4. Recoverable Assets

Account Abstraction allows for more flexible account management and security features, which are typically not possible with standard Web3 wallets.

Social recovery is configured by the user based on their nominated trusted friends or entities.

If the user loses access to their wallet, it's easy to initiate the recovery process. This involves the nominated parties approving the recovery request.

5. Simplified Web3

Account Abstraction enables us to provide a user experience as familiar and easy to use as your daily banking app.

With our Swap plugin, accessing Web3 products like cryptoassets becomes effortless. Exchange any asset with just one click.

Bundled transactions automate requests for signatures, approvals, confirmations, and revocations behind the scenes, reducing costs.

6. Open Banking

Integrate into preferred banking solutions through API without customer data transfer.

Physical and virtual cards compatible with Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Multi-currency IBANs, SEPA and SWIFT.

Compliant, seamless bridge between traditional finance and Web3.

Wallet as a Service (WaaS)

Our modular, regulated digital asset storage solution available as a white-label service.

Seamless integration into traditional businesses looking for digitalization in a compliant, user-friendly way.


Institutional Fund

For institutional investors, family offices and digital funds.

Our registered investment fund structure offers cryptoasset yield exposure in a safe, regulatory compliant environment.


Retail App for B2C

Mobile app providing streamlined access to cryptoassets including cryptocurrency, real-world tokenized assets and DeFi.

With payment cards, multi-currency IBANs, instant transfers and more.

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Regulatory Compliance

JOIN is positioned to be fully compliant with upcoming digital asset regulations such as MiCAR & TFR3, and accessible worldwide.

Architecture designed to guarantee that JOIN can never hold, transfer or interfere with customer funds or keys.

Licensing from day 1 through regulatory sandbox.

Breaking the barriers

Overcome the obstacles that hinder seamless interaction with digital assets.

Our modular platform streamlines both integration and interaction with digital assets, offering a wide array of benefits tailored to meet the needs of institutions, businesses, and end-users alike.

Why settle for counterparty risk? Choose a better path

Navigating digital assets often means weighing the counterparty risks of centralized services against the risk of user error in self-custody.

The JOIN architecture solves this with non-custodial solutions to secure assets and data, combining the convenience of centralized exchanges with the highest level of decentralized security.

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