Secure your wealth with JOIN

With the latest advancements in self-custody, we give you peace of mind so that you can protect your crypto wealth.

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Unlock complete control with JOIN's non-custodial solution

  • We prioritize non-custodial features to ensure that you have always full control over your funds

  • Your assets are never at risk of being frozen or accessed without your permission, unlike a traditional bank or a centralized exchange

  • If JOIN were to disappear, your assets would remain safe and under your control

JOIN empowers you to have complete control over your funds, as we never hold custody of your assets. With JOIN, your money really belongs to you!

Smart Wallet: the safest decentralized way to store your digital assets

The unique combination of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Account Abstraction technologies ensures the highest level of protection and flexibility for your crypto and NFTs.

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Ensuring code integrity is paramount. We partner with reputable companies for audits, assuring user safety.


Our audit partner provides limited insurance coverage against potential hacks for our audited smart contracts.

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